Mr. Chairman Representative Office to the economic and cultural Doai Loan in Vietnam
02/08/2013 | 05:00:00

Morning 2/8, Mr. Bui Van Thang, Deputy Secretary, Chairman and has continued discussions with the Office of Economic Union, Loan Doai culture (China) in Vietnam by Hoang Chi Bang Representative served as chief.
He Representative Office economic, cultural Doai Taiwan said Vietnam's economy is confidence and tend to the business development of foreign investment. Doai Taiwan has many investment projects in Vietnam. In Ninh Binh is a cement plant project system and a number of projects Nursing apparel.
Recently cement plant project Support System for the difficult material (quarry). But so far, this difficulty has been resolved. Through these shows and the provincial government of Ninh Binh Vietnam attaches great importance and interest to foreign investors. Coming Care System Cement Company will focus accelerate project execution and completion of the commitment.

Talk to him and Union Representative, Mr. Bui Van Thang, Deputy Secretary, the Chairman said that Ninh Binh is in great need of foreign investment. Provincial always interested and help create the conditions for businesses and investors in land, administrative procedures, tax ...

In addition to Ninh Binh Cement Plant Project Care System has a number of other companies have invested Loan Doai effective in other areas of the industrial park.

Private Nursing cement system have problems in the quarry, but until now have been resolved. Difficulties and problems are over, need to look to the future and hoping furnace plants according to their commitments.

Investment demand in many provinces, his chief representative may be a bridge to Taiwan enterprises Doai to study, learn and invest in Ninh Binh, and may consider the establishment of enterprises Doai Loan in Ninh Binh.

The recommendations, suggestions cement Support System for mine clearance, the road into the plant, licensed explosives ... The company actively working with the authorities of the province and the province will direct specialized agencies addressed.