Chairman and work with Korean investors to invest XD Kim Son Thermal Power Plant
25/07/2013 | 04:02:00

On 22/7, Mr. Bui Van Thang, Deputy Secretary, the Chairman had a meeting with Mr. Han Sang-mun, director of the Company representing thermal Korea.
At the meeting, Mr. Han Sang-mun Representative Director thermoelectric Korean company wanted the tour, the group working at this time in Ninh Binh Province to facilitate surveys and fact-finding field Kim Son district to study the construction of thermal power plant capacity of 1200MW, plant construction area of ​​about 60ha key. If this project is approved and under construction, the execution time of about 7-8 years, capital investment by the active preparation. Mr Han Sang-mun leaders suggested Ninh Binh create the best conditions for company representatives during the survey, looking for opportunities to invest in Ninh Binh and commitment if the project is approved by the Government of Vietnam the province concerned, creating the best conditions for processes, procedures and other conditions for investors planning, project implementation according to plan ...
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Bui Van Thang, Deputy Secretary, the Chairman expressed his excitement to welcome investors to Ninh Binh. Comrade said that the last time there were many Korean investors to invest in Ninh Binh in the fields of manufacturing electronic components, automotive parts manufacturing, automotive assembly and promote effective results.

Comrade Chairman said that the construction project thermal power plant of 1,200 MW capacity is a big project, so, take time to carry out the procedure in accordance with procedures and construction period The plant also lasted about 5 years, to be approved by the project early and went into the construction, Ninh Binh province will lead the industry, professional bodies Kim Son district to create the best conditions for the early support investment. However, Mr. Chairman also emphasized, in particular, investors should note that the protection of the environment and expressed a desire to implement the project completed soon go into operation, contributing to job creation, raise people's income and contribute to the local budget.

Kim Duyen

(E-portal provinces)