01/04/2013 | 03:37:00


Along with strong development on economy, over past years, Provincial Committee of Party, authorities and people in Ninh Binh together try their best to enhance quality of socio-cultural activities, improve people’s life.
Performing the teachings of Uncle Ho “For ten-year’s profit to plant trees, for hundred-year’s profit to  educate people”, committees of Party, authorities and people in the province actively take part in movement “educational socialization”, make education and training be one of the most important tasks. So the provincial education and training fields gain important results: scale of schools and classes is held firm, educational quality at all levels and fields is maintained and developed. Movement of building national standard schools is promoted. At the present time, in the whole province there are 233 national standard schools. Learning and talent encouragements are regularly concerned and developed. Hoa Lu University and tens of job training organizations attract a lot of students in the province and from nearby provinces.
Over past years, Ninh Binh has developed not only education but also people’s health care and it more and more gains good results. Quality of diseases examination and treatment services at all levels is enhanced year to year. Health agencies are reconstructed, upgraded and newly built. A lot of new morderm medical equipments are used for diseases examination and treatment, which step by step meets the need for people’s health care and limits the cases of moving the patients to higher level health agencies. Ninh Binh is being completing to put in use 700-bed General Hospital. As plan, the hospital is a convienient qualified health agency for people in the province as well as people from nearby provinces. Population and family-planning work gains clearly progress. Rate of women bearing the third child and more is low. Population and family-planning work is stable in organizational structure and goes into operation effectively, initially meets the set objective and plan.
In order to develop tradition of a land with a lot of achievements on culture, history and enrich spiritual life of peple’s classes, authorities and professional departments from provincial to commune levels have concerned and invested to maintain and enhance the quality of cultural and art activities. In 2009, Ninh Binh Cheo Theater staged 52 song, dance and Cheo programs and performed to serve people in and out the province or attend theatrical festivals. These programs were highly valued. Provincial Cetre for films publishing and showing organized hundreds film shows to serve people in remote areas.
Ninh Binh province has just summarized 20 years’ movement “The whole people are solidary to create cultural life at communities” and carried out Conclusion No.51KH/TW of Politburo (X session) on implementing civilized way of life at weddings, funerals and traditional festivals, which has received active response from people, organizations. Ninh Binh Newspaper, Ninh Binh Broadcasting and Radio Station have published hundreds of articles and broadcasts to propagandize about civilized way of life at weddings, funerals and traditional festivals. Other state agencies have organized hundreds of law propaganda days. Up to now, in the whole province there are 81% of families, 57.4% villages, hamlets, streets and 58.6% of agencies, units, schools obtaining cultural family, village, hamlet, street, agency. Besides, mass sports and physical activities are encouraged. Movement of doing exercises and playing sports regularly of people has developed. Rate of people participating in doing exercises and playing sports regularly gains 25%, number of sport families accounting for 21%. High achievement sports have maintained, developed and gained new records, which has created reputation for provincial professional sports. Ninh Binh has a men football team of the first rank from 2009 prize sesson (The Vissai), a men volleyball team (Trang An Ninh Binh) in nationwide strong groups rank, athlete who breaking Sea Game record…
Ninh Binh Sporting Event Hall
Propaganda and information work always follows important political events and main tasks of the province in order to provide information in time and in correct direction. Provincial Radio and Television Station, Ninh Binh Newspaper have been invested with a lot of new mordern equipments, increased broadcasting time, improved quality of news and articles so that they can well serve political tasks and meet people’s need for information, contribute to implementing the task of provincial socio-economic development.
Besides, Provincial Party Committee, Provincal People's Council, Provincial People's Committees and other relevant agencies also have many practical activities towards grassroots, to take care of people's lives. Therefore, people's lives are more and more stable and improved; poverty alleviation, jobs’ opportunity, supporting poor households and policy households are concerned. On the occasion of the holidays and New Year, provincial and local leaders directly go to see people’s living situation in poor areas, visit and also offer gifts to policy families, difficult families and people affected by floods. Ninh Binh province has issued many policies to assist the poor on production investment capital, money to renovating and repairing dilapidated houses, medical care, school fee exemptions for poor pupils … Province also pays a lot of attention to vocational training and jobs creating for labourers, especially labourers in rural areas, areas affected by land acquisition and 23 poorest communes. Each year the province creates jobs for thousands of workers, create conditions for thousands of exported labors, therefore, the rate of poor households is only at 6.15%.
In the socio-cultural development objective of the province in the period 2006-2020, the province will try: 100% of people in rural areas have clean waterup to 2015. the face of a new countryside gains fundamental advances,  urban system, particularly cities and towns develop at higher level and meet the development requirements of the country in the integration and development period. Province tries to reach national standards of secondary education popularization with 100% of schools solidified and education quality has a basic advance in the period 2011-2015; quickly complete the provincial hospitals, upgrade district hospitals as well as commune health care centers, ensure that the prevention is main and treatment is important tasks. Achieving over 11 physicians/10 thousand people, 40 beds/10 thousand people in 2020. Increase the rate of trained labourers, the rate of labourers in industrial and services fields; reduce the rate of agricultural labourers equal to the national rate in 2020; eliminate most of poor households (according to the criteria in 2005) and develop three regions of the province harmoniously; labor force in tourism and industry is developed in both quantity and quality to meet production and business requirements.
With high spirit of solidarity of the Party committees, governments and local people, believe that in the coming years, the socio-cultural field of the province will get strong flourishes, achieve the objectives and plans set out, deserve the cultural tradition and glorious history of an ancient land./.